Dwyane Wade’s stylist says Russell Westbrook needs to pay homage to DWade [photos]


Oklahoma City Thunder All-Star Russell Westbrook is currently the darling of the fashion world. Russ has taken over fashion week sitting front row and snagged the coveted spot of being seated next to Vogue Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour at a few shows. He also has a piece in “The New York Times” on how he’s changing the fashion landscape in the NBA.

But, at least one person thinks Russ needs to pay homage to the one who claims the birthright crown to this NBA fashion game, Dwyane Wade. DWade’s stylist, Calyann Barnett tossed out this sartorial shot on Instagram Thursday, reminding the masses that Russ is walking in a trail “Three” already blazed.


PSA: Newbies please remember who paved the way for fashion in basketball… @dwyanewade #Diditfirst #GetOutOfOurGoodwillBag

Did you pay close attention to the hashtags? I guess Calyann could’ve used a Lil Kim lyric to sum up her thoughts:

“I’m a leader, y’all on some following sh*t. Coming in this game on some modeling sh*t”


Check out a few of Russell’s looks from “New York Fashion Week.”


photos via @Lawfullady @RussWest44