Dwyane Wade’s nephew 1 of 13 men shot in Chicago Thursday

Chicago has been experiencing an uptick in shootings recently. Thursday evening, Dwyane Wade’s nephew was one of six men shot in a convenience store in Chicago’s south side. The incident left one man dead at the scene and four others in critical condition. The victims ranged in age from 16 to 24. The assailants fled by SUV.

Wade was in Toronto on Friday for Heat vs. Raptors. After the game he spoke about the situation.

You never expect to a get a call like that…Something I always focus on with my foundation when I go back to Chicago is to do what I can to stop the violence. To have one of your own family members be involved in it, it hurts. I just thank God that he’s healthy. … Thank God he’s going to get another chance.

Part of the reason the Heat’s team photo honoring Trayvon Martin was so moving is because coming from some of the neighborhoods that guys like DWade grew up in, gun violence isn’t unheard of. During this six hour stretch in Chicago, a total of thirteen men were shot in three separate incidents. Since January there have been 434 shootings with 101 of those being fatal.

Prayers up for all the victims.