Dwyane Wade’s memoir, “A Father First” hits stores in September

Dwyane Wade might be a little busy right now with that whole NBA finals thing, but with yesterday being father’s day, his family wanted to make sure that it was noted during the playoffs how great of a dad he is by rocking customize shirts to game three of the NBA finals against the Thunder.

As a matter of fact, DWade’s memoir, which focuses on the topic, will be released this September.

In A FATHER FIRST: How My Life Became Bigger than Basketball, Dwyane Wade shares insights on his life both on and off the court with a large focus on fatherhood. Detailing his personal experiences as a parent, and tracing his transformation from being the child of a single parent to now serving as one himself. Wade won custody of his two sons, Zaire and Zion in 2011. He also cares for a nephew. The book hits shelves September 4, 2012.

DWade’s dad, Dwyane Wade Sr., also held his first annual father’s day celebration over the weekend in Miami on behalf of his ProPops foundation. Activities included a basketball game that featured father’s of NBA pros.

Participants included:

Charles Paul father of Chris Paul the LA Clippers, 
Ray Wright father of Dorell Wright Golden State Warriors, 
Noel Bosh Father of Chris Bosh Miami Heat, 
Michael Beasley, Sr. Father of Michael Beasley Minnesota Timberwoods, 
Rod Ivey Father of Royal Ivey Oklahoma City Thunder, 
Joe Odom father of Lamar Odom of Dallas Maverik, 
William Humphrey Father of Chris Humphrey New Jersey Nets


photos via Propops and Instagram