Dwyane Wade’s ex-wife has Pat Riley served for divorce settlement trial


Siohvaughn Funches wants Heat GM Pat Riley as a witness in her divorce settlement trial against Dwyane Wade. Reportedly, the ex-Mrs. Wade believes that DWade is hiding funds so she’s angle to have an on the record chat with his employer. Earlier this week, Siouvaughn’s lawyer Lisa Macci alleged that the Heat and Pat Riley were acting above the law by attempting to keep Mr. Riley from being served.

Per Gossip Extra, the Heat relented and Riley – well not him personally but a lawyer representing him – was served before Game 5 of the Eastern Conference finals. Ironically enough, the lawyer that accepted the subpoena, Heat in-house council, Raquel Libman, is the same lawyer that refused to accept the paperwork oreviously and sent the process server on his way.

Dwyane Wade is alleged to have given Siohvaughn a $1 milllion settlement and $25,000 per month in child support but in a recent interview, Siouvaughn said those numbers are false.