Dwyane Wade surprises Florida teen Nicole Muxo by showing up to her prom [photos]


You senior prom is supposed to be one of the most memorable events in your high school life. So what happens when you put out a request on YouTube for one of the stars of the Miami Heat to attend with you? Well, for a Coral Gables teen named, Nicole Muxo whose a senior at Archbishop Coleman Carroll, DWade shows up at 9:30 PM Friday night and surprised her.

DWade said she had asked several times for him to attend and never gave up. Persistence pays off.

The entire crowd cheered as Wade arrived on the dance floor.“I was so surprised. I didn’t expect it at all,” said Nicole. They took pictures together and danced.

“At least we both know how to dress,” he said.

Nicole says the night was unforgettable. “I’m going to remember it forever. This was definitely the highlight of my senior year.”

photo via Instagram