Dwyane Wade and Siohvaughn Funches due back in court over divorce settlement


In a recent appearance on the Arsenio Hall show, actress Gabrielle Union discussed her desire for a prenup with her fiancé, Miami Heat Star Dwyane Wade. People didn’t understand why Gabrielle would be concerned about her “stuff” when Dwyane Wade makes way more money than she does.

I on the other hand thought it was smart. Especially when you consider the staggering number of athletes that go broke within three years of retirement. Plus, DWade is still dealing with divorce drama with his ex. The two still haven’t settled the financial terms of their divorce and are due back in court on February 28th. Last summer DWade’s team sent out a press release announcing that he and his ex-wife Siohvaughn had reached a settlement.


“The marriage has ended but Dwyane Wade’s abuse has not ceased,” Siohvaughn claims in the documents, “and through the court system he continues to use his money and influence to exert power and control over me …”

Indeed, Siohvaughn claims that Dwyane gave her attorney hundreds of thousands of dollars to accept a settlement that she did not approve.

As part of that settlement, she was awarded the couple’s marital home in Illinois, but ordered to refinance the mortgage on the property. She has since failed to do so and has fallen behind on payments. (She claims she was denied by several banks for the refinancing.)

Dwyane filed a motion to find her in contempt for letting the home fall risk to foreclosure​ , but Siohvaughn filed new documents last month explaining that she simply could not afford it. Adding to her financial troubles, she claims, various companies with which Dwyane has endorsements have failed to deposit his earnings into a court-ordered mutual account, instead routing the money straight to the NBA star in what she calls a “conspiracy.”

All this information was released a few years back so there’s nothing new about the allegations of abuse, STD’s, and alleged improper influence over judges and lawyers. This divorce has been dragging out for seven years. Siohvaughn hasn’t publicly made a statement about Dwyane’s engagement and new baby. But legally, she’s still under the gag order from the agreement she’s currently fighting to get out of.