Dwight Howard upset Royce Reed took their son to Hooters

Dwight Howard vs. Royce Reed via the media round, 874. Howard and Reed’s son Braylon celebrated his seventh birthday yesterday. Reed celebrated with a class party and later took Braylon to Hooters. This apparently set Howard off who now claims that this is just the latest example of Reed exposing their son to sexual situations.

A seven-year-old boy should be having his birthday at Chuck E. Cheese’s, NOT Hooters … so claims Dwight Howard, who is using the pic to prove to a judge his baby mama has bad judgment.

In court docs, Howard has accused Reed of exposing Braylon to sexual situations. Howard claims the 7-year-old has witnessed Reed engage in sexual acts with her “numerous companions.”

We’re told Howard believes this photo is just the latest example of his son being exposed to sex.

A source close to Royce says her son’s birthday party was at a Monkey Joe’s bounce house earlier in the day — with his classmates — and she merely stopped at Hooters for food. The source also says Royce has never had any man in and out of her house, and has never exposed Braylon to sex.

The two are currently locked in another custody battle, with Reed accusing Howard of child abuse, and Howard claiming Royce is a bad mother who is just a gold digger, using their son as a pawn.

Royce responded with an Instagram post claiming Howard’s lawyer is leaking stories.


Dear Dwight’s Attorneys, Stop trying to turn the world against me by leaking all this stuff to the media. You can’t hide that well. Also, you can only bully and lie on me so much in the media before I respond. I am asking you to refrain from leaking false allegations you have no proof of & never will because they’re all lies. As far as “exposing him” you have 5.5million followers on Twitter & abt 900k on IG in comparison to my 160k. Last I checked your main pic had Bray in it & as I scroll through your post I see PLENTY of photos & videos of him as well so try again (don’t try to delete now, we already have screen captures). Oh & who are alllll these men??? I need names because last I checked I was using batteries and I only have 1 child not 4…or 5… By different ppl. I have an army too and mine aren’t paid they’re genuine. We go by truth WITH PROOF! So…. With that being said, I’d REALLY like to get back to my regularly scheduled Instagram post & handle this in the court…. Thank you