Dwight Howard & Jameer Nelson almost had a fisticuffs last season

How is it that the two best centers in the NBA are also the biggest brats? More news out of Orlando about the chaos that was this past season. Dwight Howard and Jameer Nelson, as of today a free agent, almost came to blows last season. Apparently, Jameer wasn’t the only Magic teammate who had an issue with Howard.

“Several teammates are hoping for his departure as well. Toward the end of last season, Howard came close to a physical altercation with teammate Jameer Nelson at the Magic’s practice facility. Howard was sidelined with a back injury at the time, but nearly came to blows with Nelson for unknown reasons, according to sources. The two players had to be separated.”

To be honest, I’m not the least bit surprised by this. Those teammates futures hinged on what decision Howard made. I’m sure it was frustrating. And after all of that, Dwight is threatening to sue his way out of his one year extension with the Magic. What in the world is going on with Dwight’s team that this is STILL being handled so poorly. If they’re thinking dollars as well, his marketing image is taking a HUGE hit. Holding onto Dwight Howard hasn’t benefited the Magic or Howard so far. Now teams once again know that they can get Dwight for the low. Definitely need a third team involved if the goal is to get Dwight to Brooklyn. Of course Laker talks are heating up but what the Lakers need most… STILL, is a point guard.