Dwight Howard has at least 2 “secret” Baby’s mamas

Dwight Howard is an interesting guy. When he first joined the league straight out of high school, one of the big conversations about him was his faith and quest to be the “anti-NBA player” meaning, he didn’t want to have multiple kids and he wanted to display his strong Christian values in everything he did. And he tried… but it looks as if the multiple kids part didn’t work out so well.

Black sports online has the scoop on Dwight’s additional children. As I questioned recently in the recent discovery of Dwight’s custody battle with Basketball Wives star Royce Reed, it appears that their son Braylon is the only child he’s making the custody push for. But as it turns out, apparently most weren’t aware that he had other children.

But let’s take a peek at the rest:

First up, Hope Alexa who has a daughter with Dwight named Jayde. Hope lives in Vancouver and Jayde was born in December of 2010