Dwight Howard Garnishing Royce Reed’s Bank Account For 2012 $500K Judgement


Injured Houston Rockets star Dwight Howard has been battling former reality TV star Royce Reed for years.

Reed is the mother of Howard’s oldest son, seven-year-old Braylon. Through the years, Dwight and Royce have sued each other for a multitude of reasons and are currently locked in a custody battle over their son, that includes allegations of abuse on both sides.

In 2009, Dwight had Royce sign a gag order. One of the terms was to refrain from discussing – or Tweeting- about Dwight and their relationship. That’s part of the reason why you never heard that Royce had a son by an NBA player while she was a cast member of VH1’s “Basketball Wives.”

In 2010 Howard sued Royce claiming she violated the agreement. Dwight won a judgement of $535,000. He’s been trying to get Royce to pay up ever since. Per The Jasmine Brand, Dwight filed paperwork to have Royce’s bank accounts garnished for the money.

Dwight filed docs trying to have all money that Royce had in her credit union account be handed over to start chipping away at the $535k debt she owed him and it looks like he was successful.

On January 27th, docs were filed in the case which show that Royce had $2,432.64 garnished from her account and given to Dwight.

So essentially, he’ll be taking back a lot of the money he pays to her in child support.