Drops of tea from Basketball Wives LA: Draya’s old beef and Sundy Carter’s Boo


Basketball Wives LA is back for a third season and episode one jumped out as a hot mess. I’m sure this is in response to the “Love & Hip-Hop” franchise taking over BBW’s spot for rachety goodness. Gone are the Govan sisters, replaced by Sundy Carter – she has a baby by former NBA player Larry Hughes. There’s scandal with that, I shared with you a few months ago – Brandi Maxiell, who is married to Orlando Magic’s Jason Maxiell and an overseas player’s fiancée named British.. yeah, they had to dig deep for that one.

The first episode includes the standard meet up, and the ladies waste no time getting to the drama. There’s also a new peripheral cast member – she’s not in the opening credits- named Ariane Williams.

Williams has two children by a former NBA player named DeShawn Stevenson. Stevenson played with the Utah Jazz, Orlando Magic, Washington Wizards, won a ring with the Mavericks and last spent time with the Atlanta Hawks.

Back in Draya’s former life as a stripper, she and Stevenson spent time together. Judging by the conversation that took place, Ariane and Draya’s timetable crossed.

I’m sure the producers were aware of that hence Ariane’s guest appearance on the show. Draya was right though, DeShawn has a new lady in his life named J.Marie.


As for Brandi and Sundy’s conversation. I didn’t see anything wrong with the way she asked. The approach can make a big difference.

Most of these ladies have clearly studied the Evelyn Lozada reality TV playbook. But you can’t capture lightening in a bottle twice.

One more splash of tea about Sundy, she’s currently dating NFL draft prospect Gerald Bowman who played for USC last season… Once your NBA dance card is up, you go to football.


video via VH1 photos via Instagram