Draya Michele Posts Video Giving Birth To Son Jru Scandrick

The rise of social media has absolutely led to some moments being shared that leave us questioning a few of your favorites thought process. Today’s example is a Mother’s Day post from reality star and Mint Swim designer Draya Michele.

In April, Draya gave birth to her son Jru – pronounced Drew- with her fiancé Dallas Cowboys cornerback Orlando Scandrick. While Draya has yet to show his face – probably saving it for another “People” exclusive – she decided to share a video of his arrival into the world. Complete with Draya pulling him from the womb…


Happy Mother’s Day to the women out there. We are created to recreate and that is the biggest gift of all from God. I had a silent delivery because I didn’t want to stress my baby and when I pulled him from my body I’ve never felt so important. I’ve made mistakes and had some growing to do and this little guy came at the right time. Orlando, thank you for Jru, Tatiana and Taylor,and loving Kniko unconditionally. Yesenia, bestie, godmother, sister….I couldn’t have done this without you and Orlando by my side. Thanks to my Dr. And a special #happymothersday to Shonna my nurse. I’m strong. #reachoutandbringlifeintotheworld Jru is a month today, and what a special day it is. ❤️ sorry if this offends anyone. I’ll be removing it shortly.