Draya Confirms She’s Leaving “Basketball Wives LA”


All good things must come to an end. Might that be the fate of VH1’s “Basketball Wives LA?” Following Monday’s episode where the feature was once again Draya vs. Jackie and her daughter Chantel, Draya indicated on Twitter that she quit the show.   draya-tweets


Everyone knows Draya has been angling for a “Fine Ass Girls” show based on she and her friends. The question is, since Draya has moved from the sideline to the main event, would a show like that even hold the audience’s interest?Check out photos of Draya and boyfriend Cowboys’ Orlando Scandrick on vacation in Cancun.

And if you missed this week’s episode of “Basketball Wives LA” where Draya and Orlando confront Jackie and her daughter, check that out here.


photos via YES PR