Drake Was Sending Love Signs To ESPN Analyst Doris Burke

Doris Burke is one of the most respected sports analyst in the game. Even your favorite heartbreaker rapper, Drake has a crush on the ESPN sideline reporter.

Doris shared a story of Drake giving her the heart sign during the Eastern Conference finals.

 You can’t talk about the NBA without talking about popular culture. The worlds of entertainment and basketball—

Burke: They’re overlapping now.

You go to a Raptors game and Drake is sitting there.

Burke: Can I tell you something about the last time I was there? I just could not believe this happened. Drake turned around—my seat at game six was right behind him—makes a heart shape [with his hands] and points at me. I’m looking around behind me to see who’s there, turn back to him and then he points and he does it again. I texted my daughter and said, ‘You need to know Drake just did this to me.’

Make sure to check out the complete interview from New York magazine. It’s a great insider’s look on the changing role of women in sports media, plus Doris relates some of her most challenging experiences as a reporter – the time Spurs coach Gregg Popavich almost made her cry and why she believes people need to call him out more is insightful.