Drake Drops Another Meek Mill Diss “Back-to-Back”


Drake decided to hit Meek Mill in the head one more time with another diss.This time Drake’s a little more “Charged Up” and is lobbing direct shots and Meek’s pen game and manhood.

There are a ton of quoatables in Back-to-Back, but let’s start the petty levels out with the artwork Drake attached to the soundcloud. It’s a scene from the 1993 World Series when the Toronto Blue Jays beat the Philadelphia Phillies – Meek is from Philly if you missed that reference. Your sports’ fact for Wednesday.

Now let’s get into the lyrics. I can pull out any number of references, but this one caught my ear right away:

“Trigger fingers turn to Twitter fingers. I’m not the type of n**ga to be typing n**gas. You getting bodied by a singing n**gas. Shout to all my boss b**ches wifing n**gas. Make sure you hit him with the pre-nup”

I wonder how Nicki feels that Drake basically called her boyfriend weak…


Meanwhile, this was Meek’s reception last night when the “PinkPrint” tour hit Toronto. Mind you, Meek didn’t perform his usual set which happens before Nicki.

The Boo Birds were chirping.

@meekmill is in the building!!! #ThePinkprintTour #HeStillGotStuckAtTheBorderDoe????

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So who are you rolling with? The Young Bull from Philly or The Boy 6 God?