Donald Sterling’s Girlfriend V. Stivano Is BFF’s With Karrine “Super Head” Steffans [Photos]

Karrine-V 7.14.04 AM

On Saturday we were introduced to V. Stiviano, the Mexincan and Black girlfriend – well probably ex at this point – of LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling. Stiviano dropped explosive audio of an alleged conversation between herself and Sterling where he tells her to be a delicate Latina or white girl, and to stop bringing her black friends to HIS games.

I decided to take a trip through Stivano’s Instagram and it’s pretty entertaining. She celebrated her “21st birthday” at Staples Center. She’s friends with Karrine “SuperHead” Steffans, she likes to shout out old Rappers – Kurupt from DPG and talks a little about LA Gangs. Let’s take a look.

One side note, in the Clippers statement about the situation, they claimed that the recording may have been “altered” they also stated Stiviano is being sued by “the Sterling Family” – initial reports back in March said it was his wife- for allegedly embezzling $1.8 million from the family and threatened to “get even.”


Now is also a good time to mention that V said a few days ago on Instagram that she’s not hiding anymore and shouted out several media and publishing companies… Book coming?