Does Cavs Tristan Thompson Have A Baby On The Way?

Cleveland Cavs big man Tristan Thompson is currently all coupled up with Khloé Kardashian. But it looks like he and his ex, Jordan Craig might have some unfinished business.


Tristan and Jordan dated for about two years. During the Cavs finals run, many were wondering where Jordy C was during all the festivities. It was around June that many noticed the signs of a break up – scrubbed Instagram pages. There were rumors that although the two had split, Jordan was pregnant.


Jordan’s baby shower was this weekend and “fans” don’t seem to appreciate that Tristan has moved on. Both Tristan and Khloé;s pages have been lit up with baby and baby bottle emojiis, even though the father of Jordan’s child hasn’t officially been announced.



The irony is that Jordan used to date Tyga, Khloe’s younger sister Kylie’s current boyfriend. So is it that Khlo picks the wrong men, or simply that athletes and celebs are never truly single…