Do Members Of The Cavs Have An Issue With Tristan Thompson Dating Khloé Kardashian?

At this point, everyone knows what comes along with dating a Kardashian (or Jenner) – just a little bit of drama. If that drama comes from the media circus that follows them or past connections, attention is never low.

But now rumors are floating that the latest Kardashian athlete might be beefing with his teammates over his choice of a lady friend.

Cavs big man Tristan Thompson has been dating Khloé Kardashian since late summer. Per Hollywood Life, believeland bliss could be in trouble.

LeBron James hasn’t been happy that Tristan Thompson is dating drama magnet Khloe Kardashian, and we hear that the teammates had a locker room showdown before the Cavs’ home opener game. Here’s how Tristan defended his girlfriend to LeBron and the rest of the team.

“Tristan isn’t taking any crap from his teammates anymore. As far as he’s concerned, Khloe’s coming to every damn game she chooses,” the insider reveals. “Tristan told LeBron straight up before last night’s game that Khloe was coming and that was that.” Boom!

But wait, there’s more. “Tristan told LeBron that Khloe is his good luck charm, and that if they lost that night, then he’d consider asking her not to come in the future,” the source adds.

Thompson’s agent is LeBron’s BFF Rich Paul of Klutch Sports. So maybe LeBron might have a bit more interest, although this particular story sounds like a bit of fiction. But you can bet someone is keeping an eye out for potential dramatics that could erupt from the situation that could harm team chemistry.