Did Wilt Chamberlain Father a Son From 1 of his 20,000 Conquests?


Former NBA legend Wilt Chamberlain stands out in the mind of the average basketball fan for two reasons. His 100 point NBA game, and the 20,000 women he claimed to have slept with during his NBA career.

The thing that made that last number even more incredible, Chamberlain had no children. But now, a man named Aaron Levi is stepping forward claiming that he was the product of his birth mother’s one night stand with Chamberlain.

Levi said that after he finally identified a British woman as his biological mother, she told him that he was conceived in a one-night stand with Chamberlain in San Francisco in 1964. She said she had kept his birth a secret from her own family and had struggled ever since with guilt over his birth and adoption. Levi added that in 2010 he reached out to two of Chamberlain’s sisters, by letter and by phone, but they spurned him.

Levi said he did not want a dime from the Chamberlain family and did not want to sully Wilt’s name. Rather, he wanted to meet members of the black side of his family and learn more about his biological father; to correct the “false history” that Chamberlain had no children; and to find out if Chamberlain had any other children, who would be his half-siblings­.

“It’s hard to accept that you are a product of a one-night stand,” Levi told me. “I wanted her to tell me something good about him, but that wasn’t going to happen. I realized that we had different feelings about him. She sees him as a womanizer. . . . To me, he’s my father.”

For more details on Aaron’s journey to discover if Wilt is his actual father, head over to Sports Illustrated.