Did Nick Young Cheat On Iggy With This MTV Host?


Looks like someone is ready to take the shine off of Lakers’ star Nick Young and his new fianceé, rapper Iggy Azalea. Just two weeks after his proposal, a former UK MTV host named Donatella Panayiotou is claiming she was dating young during the same time as Iggy.

Panayiotou says that she and Young began dating in 2013, a short time before he and Iggy started seeing each other. She says Nick would lie and say that he and Azalea, were not together, it was business. She also claimed he told her that his shoot with Iggy for GQ was just about modeling.

She says the final straw to the eight-month relationship came in spring of 2014 when she found Azalea’s hair clips in Young’s bathroom.

That’s not all. The 31-year-old also provided a report on how Swaggy P ranks in the bedroom.

“Sex was over really quickly. He’s say, ‘I just need to get used to you.’ That didn’t happen.”

But despite their steamy sessions not lasting very long, Donatella says she was very attracted to him and loved his tattoos, claiming they had a real connection.

Swaggy P responded to the alleged affair on Instagram with a meme that’s been floating around:


Mood of the Day #ToAllTheBS😂😂😂😂😂😂

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They say your replacement is usually closer than you think, so here’s a clip of Donatella interviewing Iggy, promising to dig “deep” into her business.