Did NFL free agent Bryant McKinnie lie about relationship with “Love & Hip-hop ATL” star Joseline Hernandez? [video]


I guess even with money and fame, some guys still get the urge tell a few fairy tales about the people they’ve shared their naughty bits with. Bryant McKinnie won a Super Bowl with the Baltimore Ravens this season. Soon after he hit up New York and appeared on the popular morning show, “The Breakfast Club” on Power 105. Once they were through discussing football stuff, other topics came out and of course. Bryant is a known friend to all the celebrity ladies, especially the ones who “throw shade if they can’t get paid” – that’s a Lil Kim reference, she’s a name on his alleged list – The Breakfast Club asked him to name, names and verify who he’s slept with and whose just a rumor.

Check the details via BSO:

without being asked, in an effort to ensure the hosts that she is in fact a “she”, he stated he used to date “Love and Hip Hop ATL” star Joseline Hernandez, claiming if she came on the show she would tell them.

Ask and you shall receive.

When the self proclaim Puerto Rican Barbie was questioned about having a relationship with McKinnie yesterday on The Breakfast Club, while promoting the new season of Love and Hip Hop, you guessed it- she denied it.

Why are you lying on your beef cake Bryant McKinnie?


It’s interesting that he was so confident that she would confirm it and she smacked it down with a calm quickness. Damn man, cold world. Probably why it’s not a good idea to go on the radio and brag about your conquests.