Did JR Smith Secretly Get Married This Week?


One of the NBA’s most eligible bachelors has moved on from the single life. Per a source, JR Smith eloped earlier this week.


JR and his daughter Demi’s mother Shirley decided to make a move and “just get married.” Here’s the thing though, JR had a girlfriend that he had been with for a few years named Ashley Weatherspoon.


As a matter of fact, Ashley and JR were just on vacation together a couple of weeks ago.  Ashley even had JR as her #ManCrushMonday on July 29th.

JR dropped a hint earlier this week on his Instagram that he might have been overlooking the love that was right in front of him.

Lil mama & Her Mama! Sometimes what’s most important is right in front of you! All you have to do is embrace it! #EmbraceYourDestiny #A.O.N.F.

JR and Shirley reportedly decided to spontaneously make it official at the courthouse.

New Jersey has a 72-hour wait after filing a certificate for marriage.

JR’s former Knicks team president Phil Jackson mentioned that JR was having some relationship problems last season.

“He was supposed to carry the scoring load for the second unit and he wasn’t doing the job. I also said that because of his unacceptable behavior, he had two strikes against him with this team. He didn’t really respond. He’s a very sensitive guy, with his big doe eyes. He looked like he was going to tear up. But he finally responded that he was going through some issues with his gal.”

At one point, JR and Ashley broke up but reunited during his time with the Cavs this season.


Congratulations JR and Shirley.