Did DeMarco “Spray Tan” Murray’s girlfriend leave him because he cheated?


Earlier this week, former Oklahoma running back Brennan Clay took to Twitter to explain that he had made a mistake when he accused his wife of having an affair with his college teammate, Dallas Cowboys running back DeMarco Murray.

Even though Brennan had claimed to have discovered 50 text messages, including one where Gina and Murray referred to Clay as her “roommate,” Clay assured his followers that he and Gina are good.

Looks as if DeMarco can’t say the same. Murray’s girlfriend, Heidi Mueller has allegedly broken up with the running back because of his tendency to stray.

Murray missed Cowboys practice Christmas supposedly because he was sick, but could it have been because he had drama on the home front.

According to Deadspin, Clay got some revenge on Murray by sending Mueller nude photos of the Cowboys running back that were sent to him after his Twitter tirade.

And of course, there are the tell-tale social media cues that a split had taken place; Mueller has removed a reference to Murray from her Twitter bio, deleted tweets about the Cowboys and Murray, plus, the obligatory subliminal Instagram post. Hedi’s account is private, but she made sure to share this post with her Twitter followers.


Damn Spray Tan…