Did Clippers JJ Reddick use racial slurs about an ex-girlfriend?


Vanessa Lopez has a history with athletes and unfortunate endings. Lopez is the same woman who attempted to sue Shaq, claiming he was harassing her after their break up. Lopez claimed to have been involved with Shaq for five years back in 2010 – yes, that would include a portion of the time he was married to Shaunie O’Neal. The judge eventually threw out the case.

Lopez also had a relationship with Clippers guard JJ Reddick. Last summer details were leaked of their alleged “abortion contract.”

Well more leaks from that relationship dropped. This time an e-mail that was sent from Reddick about Lopez where he reportedly referenced her with a few slurs.

JJ-emailAssuming at some point Vanessa used the alias Chanel. It should be noted that Lopez could be shopping a book detailing her escapades with various ball players… I guess since the lawsuits didn’t work out, this is option number two.


spotted at IFWT