Did 49’ers RB Frank Gore Send The Goons After His Side Chick’s Boyfriend?


San Francisco 49’ers running back Frank Gore is allegedly in his feelings over his side piece. Gore recently got engaged to the mother of his two sons, Drick Parrish. She’s the sister of Frank’s best friend, former Tampa Bay Buc, Roscoe Parrish.

But, according to Baller Alert,  Gore has a sidechick – don’t 99% of them- named Yasmin who might possibly be in the “concierge” business.  Yasmin has a male friend who allegedly :ahem: “profits” from her “concierge” services…

HE claims Gore sent some Oakland goons to get at him. Check the Instagram postings.


 “How Could You Try To Call Some Oakland Goonz To Check Me When I Did Nothing Wrong? I called you and we talked Man to Man, so why couldn’t you do the Same? Sounds like To Me You Tryna Set Me Up. Don’t Get Mad At Me For Receiving Money From Your Girlfriend Frank Gore. You Need To Control Your B**** Like Mayweather Said!!” 


Now for the photos of he and Yasmin..

Back in the 90’s, Snoop Dogg and the Dogg Pound rapped, “we don’t love these ho*s.” But in 2014, the theme is, “These ho*s ain’t loyal.”

Whew. That’s a lot!