Detroit Lions Star Ndamukong Suh Lied About Details Of Car Accident [Photos]

Detroit Lions star Ndamukong Suh is having the worst week ever. Suh crashed his classic 1970 Chey into a tree over the weekend. Initially reports stated that Suh told police he was trying to pass a taxicab when he lost control and crashed. He also said that no one was injured. Turns out that wasn’t exactly what went down.

Two of the people who were passengers in the car have come forward with a different version of events. There are also quotes from a third passenger who said she was actually injured in the crash and Suh wouldn’t let her seek medical attention.

“When the light turned green, he floored it,” one of the passengers told KGW. “I just remember going so fast and it was violent and just getting thrown around like rag dolls.”

The woman said she was injured in the crash and on Monday, she had a cut upper eyebrow which required stitches, a black eye and a busted lip. A second passenger backed up her claims.

The second injured person was quoted in the police report as saying, “He [Suh] was driving unsafe. It was just clear to me that we were going too fast.”

The female passenger said she told Suh repeatedly she was hurt and needed a doctor. She said he refused and told her she was fine. She eventually walked down the street and had her husband pick her up and take her to Oregon Health and Science University for treatment.

The police have no plans on filing charges against Suh. Per them, the incident “doesn’t meet our threshold for investigation which is vulnerable road user, DUI, or serious trauma injury.” Lucky him. But this becomes yet another blemish on an already spotty record this season. The fact that the accident occurred while Suh is serving a two-game suspension only stands to highlight his perceived “lack of judgement.” I wonder how Lions management will respond to this and if further disciplinary actions will be issued.

Detroit’s magical season hit midnight rather quickly. The coach is looking more like a pumpkin every game.