Detroit Lions Deandre Levy Flying on Top of A Moving Plane [Photos]


NFL players are taking the thrill seeking this offseason up a notch.

Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald tee’d off atop a South African mountain, Super Bowl champ quarterback Tom Brady hopped off a cliff and now Deandre Levy, a linebacker for the Detroit Lions was caught flying on top of a plane.

While most passengers fasten our seatbelts and sit comfortably inside the plane, occasionally stretching their legs or taking a trip to the bathroom, Levy decided his view was better on the outside. The NFL star was strapped to the top of the old Red Baron propeller biplane and took a flight from there.

He posted pictures of the high-flying trip to his instagram:


For guys who spend their Sundays playing a high adrenaline sport like professional football, I guess you can’t expect them to spend the offseason on the couch watching old movies and re-runs.