DeSean Jackson’s Family Grills His Pregnant Girlfriend Kayla


If you ever wondered what it was like for an athlete to share with his family that a girl they’ve never met is pregnant with his child, this latest episode of DeSean Jackson’s Home Team is for you.

On episode four, DeSean’s pregnant girlfriend Kayla sits down for her first meal with DeSean’s mother Gayle and sister Drea. DeSean says he loves her, he’s going to be a great dad AND a faithful boyfriend.


At dinner, Gayle drills Kayla about her work and personal life, including asking if Kayla’s father is present in her life. Kayla also receives shade from DeSean’s grandmother when the news of her pregnancy is shared at mama Gayle’s surprise birthday party. At one point DeSean’s grandmother says she’ll say congratulations when she’s not told to do so.



Gayle wonders if DeSean is lacking structure in his life do to the passing of his father Bill.



Do you think DeSean’s family is right to be concerned about Kayla and her motives? Or are they being overprotective?