Dennis Rodman takes shots and showers strangers with $1’s after being fired from “The Apprentice”

Dennis Rodman was recently booted off the All-Star season of The Apprentice. How did he react? With a celebration naturally. Rodman was spotted at HeadQuarters Gentlemen’s Club taking shots and showering strippers and club goers with ones… Rodman was recently in rehab but says he was just having a dead sober good time.

“He was drinking champagne and doing shots of Jagermeister,” says a spy. “He acted like he was rolling in money, showering girls and strangers with $500 worth of singles he had in his pocket. He even treated random partygoers to lap dances.”

Not having to spend time with Donald Trump seems like a reason to celebrate though. I’ve been fired and celebrated with a party. ::shrug:: Party responsibly.