Delonte West Goes Off On Twitter About Reporters, Divorce, Chicken & Escrow

Mavericks guard Delonte West and his past issues are well documented. For his part, Delonte has been open and honest about the situation and even good natured. But everyone has THAT point and West seemed to reach it Saturday night.

Following a game Saturday night, Delonte took to Twitter to vent about the way reporters have been treating him in Dallas and some of the very real struggles he’s encountered because of certain decisions he’s made:


Not sure what the question was that set him off. The tweets have been deleted (of course) West also won’t be able to accompany the team to the White House this week because of his criminal record. But he’s from DC so going home is enough.

I know I’ve cracked a joke or two at Delonte’s expense but perhaps it’s time to cut him some slack. He just wants to play ball. Everybody needs a break.


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