Deion Sanders & Tracey Edmonds hit the red carpet… together [photos]

Remember a few months ago during one of the many chapters of the Deion and Pilar Sanders divorce drama that Pilar mentioned Tracey Edmonds as one of Deion’s alleged trysts? Of course Tracey denied those claims and attributed their interaction to Tracey assisting Deion in his next reality show foray. The show will focus on Deion’s life as a newly single dad and football coach at Prime Academy.

The two showed up on the red carpet this weekend in New York for the opening of “A Street Car named Desiree” – one of Jill’s personal favs… yes I referred to myself in third person, let me bask in my Deion moment.

But anyway, I’m sure this is just business but the two seem rather cozy. Perhaps this is another way to jab Pilar.


Deion and his soon to be ex, Pilar were allegedly involved in a physical altercation at their home in Dallas which led to her being arrested for assault. Check the details here.