Deion Sanders says Tracey Edmonds has him whipped


Deion Sanders divorce from his ex-wife Pilar will go down as one of the messiest divorces in sport’ history. But now that all that is history, Deion is talking about his relationship with his current girlfriend, producer Tracey Edmonds. Deion was recently interviewed on the Tom Joyner Morning show and said Tracy put it on him and she has no worries.

“Me and Traecy gon’ always be good. I mean Campbell’s soup good, I mean Grandma cooking good. I mean sweet ice tea with some barbecue chips good. I told Tracey, I don’t know what she did to me but she put it down. I said, ‘Baby your plan worked. You put it down.”

Her plan worked?? Initially the two claimed their relationship was strictly professional. Tracey produced Deion’s sports themed reality show for her YouTube network, “Alright TV.” Babyface, a brief marriage to Eddie Murphy and now Deion Sanders. Is it safe to assume Tracy’s “milkshake” brings all the rich boys to the yard? She’s got that million dollar for real!


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