Deion Sanders newest reality show “Sports Dads” to premiere April 1st [video]



Remember when we first heard whispers of a budding romance with Analyst and football Hall of famer, Deion Sanders and producer Tracey Edmonds, the two dismissed their time together as simply working on a reality show. Well looks like the show, “Sports Dads” will be one of the first launching on Tracey and former BET owner, Bob Johnson’s “faith-based” YouTube network, “Aright TV.”

The shows premise is similar to popular shows like, “Dance moms” where overzealous sports parents push their kids to the edge with Deion providing the voice of reason… Yeah, I have many things to say about that. But first, watch the clip:



“Sports Dads” gives viewers a sideline look into the unimaginable stress filled worlds and pressures put upon children by parents who are convinced that their kid has what it takes to become the next big thing. Mortgaged homes, life threatening injuries and marriage dissolving arguments aren’t enough to detour these families when it comes to success. These are just a few of the things viewers are said to experience in this series. “Sports Dads” will premiere on Monday, April 1st

Interested? As for Deion being the voice of reason in parent-child affairs. Possibly, but since a picture is worth a thousand words, I’ll post this photo of Deion and his sons filling out a police report against Pilar Sanders last summer.