Deion Sanders Daughter Deiondra Goes In On Pilar Sanders On Twitter

Deion Sanders officially announce he and wife Pilar were divorcing. Pilar issued a statement saying she discovered the filing via the internet. Deion’s daughter from his first marriage, Deiondra decided to take to Twitter in defense of her dad and air her step mother out.

Check out the tweets:

There’s SO MUCH more including photos of packed boxes which she said had been packed for weeks- why did she happen to have that on hand, seems premeditated- accusations of infidelity with alleged proof, reasons why Pilar sucked as a wife, mother and stepmother etc.

First off, I understand wanting to defend your family. I’m a daddy’s girl. I’m not going to let someone talk badly about my dad and not stand up for him, BUT…

She is OUT OF LINE. First off, she did not HELP her father by “setting the record straight”. Instead she’s set the stage for more of her family’s dirt to be released in the atmosphere. She clearly had feelings about Pilar as a step mother (please pay attention to the tweets about not being allowed in “their” home when Pilar or Deion weren’t there) and had been waiting for the right opportunity.

Next up will be more of her father’s indiscretions coming to light. That can’t be good. People will also rehash Deiondra’s own internet scandal about her naked photos (totally irrelevant by the way but worth mentioning because, I KNOW she didn’t want to hear about it or deal with it again and someone will bring it up) Rule #3 Thou shalt never embarrass oneself to make a fool out of another. Where did that rule come from? Jill’s guide to good living, volume 1!

I subscribe to the theory AGAIN, as I did initially when this news broke in September, Deion knew who he married. She was a video chick, she liked the lime light and he did too. Sounds as if both ran afoul in the relationship. It happens. There are always 3 sides to story but, Deiondra’s Twitter rant probably gave Pilar and her lawyers another angle for divorce negotiations and doesn’t invoke sympathy for Deion. It does however remind those in the dating pool that wicked step kids do exist.

Oh, Deion Jr. apologized for his sisters rant and said they’d pray for his soon to be ex-stepmother.

But then followed it up with this:

I mean, really, that’s one of those apologies you can keep. :shrug: I’m just saying.