Deion Sanders awarded temporary custody of children, Ex-wife, Carolyn and Tracey Edmonds “celebrate the victory”

Deion Sanders wins this round of the battle between he and estranged wife Pilar in their divorce proceedings. Following an altercation at their Dallas mansion last week that resulted in Pilar being arrested, Prime Time has been awarded temporary custody of their three children and a restraining order that keeps Pilar 500 yards from the mansion.

More details from TMZ:

During Monday’s hearing, the judge also ruled Deion was only acting in self-defense when he injured Pilar during an altercation at the mansion on April 23. The judge said Pilar could face a fine for her role in the alleged attack. 

The judge also ruled that Pilar and Deion’s 3 minor children must undergo psychological counseling.

I’m glad the judge order counseling for the kids. This situation is extremely sad. Does this mean Pilar won’t be able to see her children?

On a related sidenote. Deion’s first wife Carolyn seems extremely vested in the outcome of his divorce situation with Pilar. There were rumors that Pilar was the reason for his break up with Carolyn. She posted a photo of herself and Deion’s rumored current girlfriend, producer Tracey Edmonds, “celebrating in victory.”

I think this was a tad bit crass. But Carolyn has moved on. She’s allegedly dating actor Darrius McCray- ex-husband of Superhead.