Darren Sharper allegedly drugged 2 women and raped them, formally charged


Former NFL player and suspended NFL Network analyst Darren Sharper was arrested in January on suspicion of rape. Sharper has been formerly charged with two counts of rape. Details below:

four counts of furnishing a controlled substance and one count of possession of a controlled substance, all felonies.
Sharper is accused of drugging the women with zolpidem and morphine.

Officials say Sharper met the two women in a West Hollywood nightclub on October 30th and invited them to another party.

On the way, officials say they stopped at Darren’s hotel room and he gave them each a shot.

The women then passed out and hours later one of the women claims she woke up with Sharper sexually assaulting her.  The second woman says she woke up and “interrupted his actions.”

Sharper also has a case pending in Louisiana – where he claims the sex was consensual – plus rape allegations in Arizona and Nevada.
Hypothetically speaking, some players have a hard time adjusting post-career. The lights aren’t always as bright. The women don’t recognize you anymore, they prefer younger, richer guys… Not saying that this was the case with these allegations, but things change once you retire and some men aren’t ready for the shift.