Dallas Mavericks Receive Their Championship Rings [Photos]

The Dallas Mavericks were finally presented with their championship rings Wednesday night. The ring contains 250 diamonds and is 10 karats. Jason Kidd, Dirk Nowitzki, and Jason Terry all had input on the design of the ring.

The top of the ring, which is made of 14-karat white gold, the edges read “World Champions,” with 10 diamonds running along the right and left sides. In the middle of the ring is the Mavericks horse with “31 princess-cut diamonds — one for each year the Dallas Mavericks have been in Dallas and the NBA”

The Dallas Mavericks received their rings Wednesday night before 7:30 p.m. tipoff at the American Airlines Center. One side of the ring holds the player’s name and jersey number; the other side says the team name, the year (2011), and “The Time Is Now,” the team’s motto.

The inside of the band features the Mavs’ first logo in honor of Don Carter, the team’s first owner. It also lists the win/loss results from their four playoff series.

The ring was created by Jostens (don’t they also make high school class rings? I swear I remember getting a catalog from them my senior year) There was also a jewelry line created for fans who want to commemorate the Mavericks’ first championship. It includes earrings, a necklace pendant, even a paperweight made to look like the players’ rings.

The Mavericks ended up losing this one to the Timberwolves (plus side, that meant JJ Barea was there and received his ring along with his former teammates) Dirk Nowitzki even took on commentating duties for a bit as he’s out for a few more games, resting his knee and working on his conditioning.


video via Larry Brown Sports