Cris Carter Thinks Patriots’ Chandler Jones Synthetic Weed Story Is A Cover Up

Patriots defensive end Chandler Jones was rushed to the hospital on Sunday after reportedly having a bad reaction to synthetic marijuana. Jones apologized Thursday for making a “stupid mistake. ”

Sunday morning Jones was looking for help from the police when he showed up at the rear entrance of the Foxborough public safety building. Some of the details from the report include Jones assuming the position to be arrested.

this man got down on his knees, he interlocked his fingers, and he placed his hands tightly against the back of his head. For a quick second or two, this man held this position—it was like this man was trying to surrender (he was literally ‘as stiff as a board’/he was both upright and rigid.) This man abruptly released his hands, and he started to move slowly toward the ground. Honestly, it appeared as if he was actively praying or worshiping.”

That may have just been for his own personal safety. Black men and law enforcement interactions are tricky. However, one former player turned analyst suspects something more serious happened.

Cris Carter, the Hall of Fame receiver who once battled his own drug issues, said on Mike & Mike that he believes the synthetic weed story is a cover for a different scenario.

“I don’t know this, um, I think that the synthetic marijuana story might be just a story,” Carter said. “Just for me, it don’t pass the smell test for me. To me, I think that — I think he was smoking marijuana, and I think he was smoking some marijuana laced with PCP, or angel dust. And I think that’s what made him trip out. Now, he could have been smoking synthetic, but it’s a better story — it’s a better story to tell: ‘That’s the reason I’m here.’ So when he got to the police station, why was he smelling like marijuana? Because synthetic doesn’t smell like marijuana. So for me, I don’t know all the details of the case, but I’m just a little — uh, the synthetic, that’s a better way to put it.”

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, Synthetic marijuana is capable of causing extreme anxiety, altered perception, confusion, and paranoia.