Cowboys WR Dez Bryant Involved In Altercation With Lil Wayne At Liv In Miami?

Word began leaking out early Monday morning that Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant had some sort of altercation in Liv, a popular nightspot in Miami. Now, the Miami New-Times is reporting that it was rapper Lil Wayne who Bryant possibly beefed.

Lil Wayne was allegedly trash talking Bryant about his performance with the Cowboys this season plus all the money issues Bryant is having. Most recently, Bryant was sued for failing to pay off a $100,000 loan.

A Miami night club, of course money and egos would collide. Sort of reminds me of last night’s episode of the game. Sabers QB Malik Wright is going broke but was in the club and had to conform to “Baller’s Etiquette” meaning he had to pay for everything just for the look.

Don’t turn into Malik Wright, Dez! :giggle: