Cowboys Orlando Scandrick & Draya give awkward interview about 1st dates, Draya’s attitude and sleep [video]


Cowboys Orlando Scandrick and his girlfriend Draya recently appeared on “Inside the Huddle.”  The couple Draya, tells the story of how they met through mutual friends who were dating. Draya said Orlando was already aware of who she was.

Draya admits she was a tad disappointed that Orlando wasn’t taller – he’s 5’10, guess that’s why she’s on Basketball Wives and not football. They first met face to face at a club and went to breakfast after. Scadrick said she was cute but her attitude was terrible- he must not have been following her on Twitter or he would’ve known that.  He said she was cute though and he’d try anything once (minute 10:30).. Draya confirms that Orlando will be featured on season three of “Basketball Wives LA.”



Some other highlights from the interview:

  • at the 2:30 mark, Draya breaks down how she comforts him via text after a loss, Draya:”well I text him and I say hi and he says hi. Cause I don’t know what to say.”
  • Around the 4:15 mark, Orlando is asked if he gives Draya pointers on her “Basketball Wives LA” performance. He makes it clear he isn’t allowed to. It’s clear whose the boss in this relationship.
  • Draya says Orlando isn’t allowed at the shoots for her Mint swim line because there are models there. Where’s the trust factor Draya?


spotted at BSO