Court Allows Creditor Access To Allen Iverson’s Bank Account To Collect $800,000 Judgement

Allen Iverson used to be my favorite NBA player. Everything he brought to the game, his quickness, toughness, off-court swagg. I LOVED IT! But It’s almost like he got to 2000 and stopped growing as a person. A.I.’ money problems have well documented. Now, according to TMZ, the courts have handed off access to one of his Wells Fargo accounts to Aydin & Company jewelry company to collect to collect $859,896.46 for the jewels, court costs, interest and attorneys fees on a lawsuit that AI never showed up in court to deal with.

Things like this are why I refuse to feel sorry for AI. You just don’t show up. You clearly don’t care about your money. Reminds me of the stories you’d hear about AI moving from a home and the new occupant finding cash and jewels randomly left in the house. Or what about the tales of cars left abandoned at the airport because he or a family member was unable to locate so they just left it.

Plus the recent accusations by his ex (soon to be ex??) wife Tawanna. AI needs to grow up. No NBA team is going to sign him. Obviously playing overseas doesn’t work for him, now what?

It’s so sad a guy that is probably one of The best “little guys” in NBA history is going out like this.