Colts Linebacker Erik Walden’s Ex-Girlfriend Cuts Him And Breaks New Girl’s Arm With Bat


Some women can’t handle when their significant other moves on. In this week’s example of a woman scorned, Indianapolis Colt linebacker Erik Walden’s ex-girlfriend broke into his home three times in one night to confront him and his new girlfriend. Obviously Erika Palmer wasn’t there for a friendly chat.

Erika reportedly stole property from the home, in between one of her break-ins, she hit up Wal-Mart to purchase a knife and a baseball bat.

According to Braselton, GA Police, when Walden and his new girlfriend walked into the home on Saturday night, Erika Palmer was sitting on his couch with his gun and the bat placed in her lap.

After confronting the couple, Erika ran off into the woods behind his home, taking his iPhone and a Rolex watch with her. The couple called police, but Palmer was nowhere in sight.

After police left, Palmer returned a third time — this time with a knife. She cut Walden’s arm with the knife, and hit his girlfriend with the bat, breaking her arm.

Palmer then escaped to a nearby hotel, where Police found her by tracking her cell phone location.

Walden and Palmer have two children together. Palmer is being held without bail.

Seems as if maybe there was some cross in these two relationships.