Clubhouse App Presents 1st Audio Performance of “The Lion King”

We’ve talked about the new social media app Clubhouse and how the invite audio-only environment is lighting up the art of conversation. On Saturday, December 26th, a group of the app’s users took innovation to the next level with an app performance of “The Lion King.”

This audio production featured two performances and consisted of over 40 entertainers and musicians. All auditioned to be apart of the event. The idea started in a room where marketing exec and event producer Noelle Chesnut Whitmore thought another CH user’s voice would be perfect to play Mufasa.
The production featured hours of rehearsal time, a choir, narrators and imagery using the participants photo icon via PTR (pull to refresh.)

 Kam Dela and Bomani X, whose picture is the current icon for the app, served as musical directors. Award-winning actor Myles Grier provided the voice of Simba, and Mir Harris as Nala. Other featured entertainers include actress and producer Gina Belafonte, Dr. Victor, Minh Do, Brandon Rainey, Tunde Sho and more. PR services were provided by Artiste House – all people of color.