Clippers Reggie Bullock’s Transgender Sister Murdered In Baltimore


Sad news to report, the sibling of Clippers Reggie Bullock was found murdered in Baltimore on Wednesday. Mia Henderson, a transgender woman, was discovered in ally, brutally beaten.

Members of a police task force found that body early Wednesday morning as they were going to serve a search warrant in West Baltimore.

A broken necklace and a pool of blood remain in the alley where police found the body of 26-year old Mia Henderson.

They were serving a search warrant along Piedmont Avenue when the lifeless body of the transgender woman was discovered.

“We do know that there was trauma to the body to indicate that there was a homicide,” says Major Dennis Smith with Baltimore City police.

Henderson’s legal name is Kevin long.

The murder is the second transgender killing here in the city in just the past two months.



Sending love and light to Reggie and his family.