Chris Paul & Wife Jada Discuss Married Life [Video]


Clippers star Chris Paul is big on family. When the All-Star point guard hit the red carpet for the BET Awards Sunday, his wife Jada was by his side for date night. The two shared the story with Necole Bitchie of how they met as teens in North Carolina, what couples inspire them and how they keep it cute in the age of social media.

On couples they look up to
Jada: For me, his parents. They have the most awesome relationship.

Chris: It’s not necessarily famous people that you want to aspire to. I think, like she said, my parents. They’ve been married now for 32 years on Wednesday. They’re friends before anything, and I think that’s what we like.

On how they met
Jada: We met in high school. I’m a year older than him so in high school it wasn’t cool to be a senior dating a junior.

Chris: We went to rival high schools and we had a mutual friend. I asked her friend and she introduced me. So here we are 11 years later.

On if social media hurts a relationship
Jada: It depends on the relationship.

Chris: Everybody’s different. I’m not one of those people who says you gotta do it this way. Everything works different for some people and we make ours work.

On Chris being pictured opening doors for Jada
Chris: I’m from the South so it’s yes ma’am, yes sir, all that stuff.

Jada: He yells at me when I don’t let him open the door.

Chris: Yeah. You gotta say please and all that stuff.

Random side note, I just love how CP3 says North Carolina. It reminds me of Mike in “The Wood.” Chris also discussed the importance of family and his wife in his professional career during a “Genius Talk” with Snoop Dogg and ESPN’s Jemele Hill at The BET Experience.