Chris Bosh Battling Ex Allison Mathis Over Visitation Rights For 3 Year Old Trinity

Chris Bosh and his wife Adrienne are expecting a son later this spring. But that isn’t stopping Chris from battling with his ex, Allison Mathis, over his visitation rights for their 3-year old daughter Trinity. Chris believes Allison is yet again trying to keep him from seeing his daughter.

According to court docs filed in Maryland, Allison has refused to speak with Bosh directly since April 2011. Opting to  instead communicate only through lawyers.

Bosh alleges Mathis has repeatedly either ignored his requests to see 3-year-old Trinity or only allowed him to see her for fewer days than their custody arrangement dictates. 

Bosh filed docs a few months ago to have Mathis held in contempt and a court date had been set for July 12. But Bosh recently requested to have that date moved up because he says it conflicts with training camp for the U.S. Olympics team. A judge has yet to rule. 

Bosh and Mathis battled over Trinity last June, when Bosh tried to get Mathis to allow their daughter to come see him play in the NBA Finals. 

I believe it’s a dangerous game to play, keeping children from seeing their fathers, especially if the reason is simply because things didn’t work out as a couple. We’ve become accustomed to stories of pro athletes abandoning their kids when they move on to the next flavor of the month. If he’s not harming your child and your child support checks are on time, what’s the problem?

If Chris acted as if his daughter didn’t exist and only spoke of the new Bosh air coming in March, I’m sure that would be upsetting to Allison too.