Chicago Bears RB Matt Forte Dumped By Fiance’

Matt Forte and his Ex-fiance' Danielle Daniels

When I first saw this story posted over at Blacksportsonline, all I could was shake my head. Granted it’s not as if this isn’t a scenario being played out all over the country in various forms but sometimes you have to wonder, do the athletes really want what they claim they do?

Quick synopsis. Matt Forte had been in a relationship with Danielle for awhile and recently proposed, had the full blown engagement party thrown by her parents and everything . Danielle and fam attended his 1st game of the season last weekend and then on Tuesday, months after he proposed and a year(s) after their relationship began, he informed her that his Ex is 7 MONTHS PREGNANT with his child.

I understand why he hesitated, he knew he was wrong and probably figured (correctly from the looks of things) that she’d leave him.  But how selfish and cowardly was it for him to string this out for months. And if he is using the standard excuse (it was just once, she trapped me blah blah)  it makes it worst.  Matt is pretty young (24), and attractive. Of course he wants it all, the trophy wifey (intelligent, attractive) and the “poppin” social life which is a benefit of being a professional athlete. But the key to having these things go smoothly is absolute honesty with all parties. Chances are good that he & his fiance’ will reconcile but if he’s really not ready to get married (and if you’re cheating, I’m going to assume you aren’t) why the rush? Now you have an even Bigger fish to contend with. Baby’s mama drama isn’t fun! matt, you are your own biggest distraction!

And that’s today’s lesson kids! Best of luck to Matt on and off the field!