Cheating rectangle: Ex-Sooner rb Brennan Clay was allegedly cheating on his wife too



More secrets continue to be exposed from the situation involving former Oklahoma sooner running back Brennan Clay and his estranged wife Gina. It started a few days ago when decided to announce on Twitter that Gina allegedly cheated on him with his former Oklahoma Sooner teammate and current Dallas Cowboy, DeMarco Murray.  Clay then decided that showing was better than telling, and released text messages between his wife and Murray including his code name in her phone, “Spray tan.”

Gina deleted her Twitter and most of her Instagram photos since Brennan made the announcement, but now, a “friend” has come to her defense via Baller Alert

“I’m so sick of this crazy sh**….Brennan is an absolute fraud! I’m one of Gina’s best friends and this is what I know about Brennan. He used Gina. She financially supported him and he was going out (cheating) on her so she booted him and he got butt hurt. He was cheating on her and since she’s a strong woman she kicked him out a long time ago. She’s silent but I’m not. This is crazy. He’s just crazy because he lost her and his NFL career. He doesn’t even play. No woman. No Contract. No life.
He’s been hooking up with porn stars. Gina is a great person and a great mom. She doesn’t deserve this. He used her and he’s obsessed.”

The writer also included a screen shot of Brennan Clay interacting with an Instagram account @thejessejane. Keep in mind this account is now occupied by a Jesse Jane fan account. Jesse Jane now goes by Jesse J and though she isn’t the one Brennan was trying to get at, Jesse does spend a lot of time at OU games (where Brennan used to play). Brennan was actually trying to get at Jesse’s friend Leeanne or Rylee Anne Pratt. Leanne, Jesse and Brennan were actually hanging with each other just two days ago.

The girl is actually a waitress, not a porn star but, minor detail to Gina’s “friend.”

Brennan seems to be enjoying all the new attention. Saturday night after news of Chis Brown’s girlfriend Karrueche cheating, Brennan sent him a sympathy tweet.