Charles Oakley Sues Aria Hotel In Las Vegas For A “Gang-Style Beatdown” He Received

Charles Oakley was known as an enforcer back in the 90’s when he was in the NBA. The guy you didn’t want to mess with on or off the court. Apparently Aria hotel missed that memo. Oakley is suing the Vegas Casino and resort behind a May 2010 incident charging that he was beaten and injured by security guards.

Check the details:

The suit says Oakley was an invited guest at Aria’s VIP pool area on May 28 when he left the area and was then prevented from re-entering the VIP section by Aria security officers and staff.

“After a verbal altercation” with security officers, Oakley attempted to return to his room when he was “assaulted” by the officers in a secluded area of the resort, the lawsuit alleges.

The suit called this a “gang-style beatdown” by at least five security officers and says they wrestled Oakley to the ground, punched him, handcuffed him and detained him before he was taken by paramedics to Desert Springs hospital for treatment in the emergency room.

The incident left Oakley with injuries to his neck, back, head and wrist, “all or some of which may be permanent and disabling,”

I remember Oakley tweeting the above picture around that time last year. Those security guys don’t play games about the 21 and over pools and usually don’t care who the person is. I wonder if they overreacted in this case?