Charles Barkley Reveals That Michael Jordan Still Isn’t Talking To Him


NBA legend Michael Jordan used to count TNT analyst Charles Barkley as one of his best friends. But all that changed a few years ago following comments Barkley made critiquing MJ’s decisions with his NBA franchise, the Charlotte Bobcats – currently known as the Charlotte Hornets – the friendship quickly dissipated.

In a recent interview, Sir Charles revealed that he and Jordan still aren’t friends and shed more light on the situation.

“I think that Michael was upset by some of the things I said about the Bobcats,” he told Bensinger. “Which, number one, they were true…I’m gonna be honest, and I’m gonna be fair.”

“He’s doing a much better job,” he said. “But a couple years ago, when [the Bobcats] were vying for the worst record in NBA history, Michael had not done a good job. And he took it personally.”

Charles Barkley was absolutely correct in his assessment, but as a friend, I’m sure Jordan felt betrayed